Cardia 7 was created by and for people who care about heart health.

We now know that excessive grains, sugar, hydrogenated oils, and processed foods contribute to diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. In other words it’s not fat that makes you fat, it’s excessive sugar, enriched grains, and hydrogenated oils from processed foods.

There are good fats & bad fats, good fatty acids, and bad fatty acids, how do you know which one is which? How do you tell the difference? We know based on research in both animals and humans that purified omega-7 “palmitoleic acid” is good for you. And we know that palmitic acid, a satuated fatty acid, is bad for you.

It is our goal to help you better understand the difference by explaining the research, i.e., the biochemistry and lipid metabolism in language you can understand. In everything we do we challenge the present state of affairs, and hope to share information you can use to make more informed decisions about what you eat, and how you supplement.

About Cardia 7

Cardia 7 was the first Purified Omega 7 Supplement on the market, and is distributed by Omega Wonders, LLC, based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Omega Wonders created Cardia 7 because we had a desire to create an essentially superior Omega 7 supplement, based on the ground-breaking research on the benefits of Omega 7.

We are proud that Cardia 7 contains Provinal®, “The Purified Omega 7″–the only Omega 7 that is Palmitic Acid Free, which gives you the assurance you’re getting more heart-healthy Omega 7 the Top Docs recommend (51% palmitoleic acid), with none of the antagonistic saturates they say to avoid.

More of the good. None of the bad.

Our Supplement Facts Panel and our Certificate of Analysis (COA) can be found below (if you are looking for an Omega 7 supplement you should always ask to see the COA).

Cardia7 Purified Omega 7

30 softgels per bottle. 210 milligrams of palmitoleic acid per softgel.

Distributed by Omega Wonders, LLC

Cardia 7 is distributed by Omega Wonders, LLC, an innovative, science-based company that cares about your health, and about sustainable solutions for the world we live in.

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, we ship to all locations in the USA (including Alaska and Hawaii) and to Canada from our Fulfillment Center located in Brecksville, Ohio.

Our products are priced to be affordable so that everyone can enjoy the benefits Omega 7 has to offer. We offer autoship on many of our products, which can be cancelled at any time. You need only contact us to cancel your autoship.

We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction…

Try Cardia 7 for 30 days. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, just let us know and we’ll give you a prompt refund. Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. 


Each bottle of Cardia 7 contains 30 softgels,
with 210 milligrams of palmitoleic acid per softgel.

Cardia 7′s Certificate of Analysis

Our COA attests to the strength and purity of our claims. Purified Omega 7 contains a minimum of 50% palmitoleic acid, making it the highest and purest concentration of Omega 7 fatty acids available–and quite possibly the cleanest, purest Omega anywhere.

Certificate of Analysis for Cardia 7 from Nutri-Force Nutrition.

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