Top 3 Omega-7 Food Sources For Pure Omega-7 Fatty Acids (Palmitoleic Acid)

Ever since Drs. Oz & Roizen mentioned Omega 7 on The Dr. Oz show, it seems everyone’s looking for the best Omega 7 Food sources for  Omega-7 Fatty Acids (Palmitoleic Acid).

Drs. Oz & Roizen said to get Omega 7s three times per week from anchovies and macadamia nuts. Are anchovies and macadamia nuts really the best sources for Omega 7 Fatty Acids, as they mentioned on the show?

Why Did Drs. Oz & Roizen Suggest Getting More Omega 7 from foods?

Omega 7 (palmitoleic acid) is the healthy new fatty acid with great benefits for people who care about getting and staying healthy. Dr. Michael F. Roizen, Best-Selling New York Times Author, and YOU Doc explains that Omega 7 is ideal for people over the age of fifty, as well as younger people who have ‘at-risk factors’ for cardiovascular disease.

“Omega 7 has been shown to prevent or  decrease low-density lipoprotein (LDL, or “bad” cholesterol), raise high-density cholesterol (HDL, or the “healthy” cholesterol), and keep triglycerides to normal levels.

It also decreases inflammation CRP,” Dr. Roizen says. CRP or hs-CRP is the highly specific C-reactive protein that is used to measure inflammation in the body. Aside from the causing heart, cardiovascular, and respiratory diseases, inflammation is also associated with cancer, memory loss, impotence, and wrinkling of the skin.

What are the best sources for Omega 7 Fatty Acids? As it turns out, not from foods themselves, but from the oils derived from foods

Omega 7s in any meaningful quantities don’t come from foods themselves, but come from the oils pressed from vegetable and marine sources.

Here Are The Top 3 Known Food Sources For Omega 7 Fatty Acids:

  • Sea Buckthorn Oil (approx. 18% min to 28% max Palmitioleic Acid with 24%-25% Palmitic Acid)

One vegetarian or plant source for Omega 7 fatty acids that you will discover is sea buckthorn. While sea buckthorn does boast having the highest levels of Omega 7 of any known primary source, it also contains higher levels of palmitic acid that are harmful and counteract the benefits of Omega 7. Often the palmitic acid “the bad stuff” exceeds the amount of palmitoleic acid “the good stuff”.

  • Macademia Nut Oil (approx. 22% Palmitoleic Acid with 7%-8% Palmitic Acid)

Compared to other common edible seeds such as almonds and cashews, macadamias are high in fat and low in protein.They have the highest amount of monounsaturated fats of any known seed and contain approximately 22% of omega-7 palmitoleic acid,which has biological effects similar to monounsaturated fat.

  • Fish Oils ~ Anchovy & Menhaden Fish (approx. 6% to 8% Palmitoleic Acid)

While fish have lower levels of Omega 7 fatty acids, they are a rich source of Omega 3s. Taking fish oil for Omega 7s, even Anchovies, is doable but not ideal. You won’t get very much Omega 7, and you’ll consume a lot of calories and other fatty acids without all the extraordinary benefits Omega 7 has to offer.

Are You Looking For Omega 7s? Cardia 7 with Provinal® Purified Omega 7 Offers An Alternative To Fish And Nuts

Is it possible to get Omega 7 fatty acids in amounts that are benecial to your health? Maybe. But due to the sheer amount of calories you’d have to eat, the benefits do not outweigh the benefits. For those looking for an alternative, there’s Cardia 7, a purified Omega 7 supplement derived from pure anchovy fish oils.

Palmitic acid is detrimental to the health, as it counteracts the benefits provided by Omega-7. According to the World Health Organization, there is convincing evidence that foods rich in palmitic acid will increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is also known to stimulate inflammation within the body. After all, palmitic acid is one of the two key ingredients in napalm. Aluminium salts of palmitic acid and naphthenic acid were combined during World War II to produce napalm. The word “napalm” is derived from the words naphthenic acid and palmitic acid.

Cardia 7 with Provinal® Purified Omega 7 fatty acids are derived from pure anchovy oils, then purified again through a unique patent-pending process. The Omega 7 Fatty Acids in Cardia 7 are sourced pure, and rendered purer. Derived from wild peruvian anchovies, they set the standard for purity by undergoing a unique, patent-pending process to remove the saturated fats, “the bad stuff” found in competing omega-7 supplements. It’s then rendered purer to express high levels — 51% of palmitoleic acid — the “good stuff” that Drs. Oz & Roizen are recommending and that consumers are looking for.

* Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplements.