Palmitoleic Acid Omega 7: A New Hope

There is a new fight–a struggle between good and evil.

It’s happening in our own bodies. It’s happening with our food choices.

Many of the foods that are killing us are hiding in plain sight–many contain a saturated fatty acid called palmitic acid, which is prevalent foods that are high in saturated fats, such as processed meets, cheeses, and dairy products.

Palmitoleic Acid Omega 7

There is a War for Good and Evil in our own Bodies

Not all Fatty Acids were created equal

On one hand you have Palmitic Acid, a “bad fatty acid”. A saturate, it is well documented that palmitic acid has been shown to have toxic effects on pancreatic beta cells, leading to a greater chance for insulin resistance and subsequent development of diabetes.

On the other hand you have Palmitoleic Acid, a “good fatty acid.” A Monounsaturated fatty acid, it protects against the negative effects of Palmitic Acid. You can reduce the negative impact of the saturates in your diet by ingesting higher concentrations of the “good fatty acids”.

The evil empire is everywhere

Who doesn’t like a cheeseburger? How about some french fries to go with that. And wash it down with a soda containing high fructose corn syrup. If your diet consists mainly of fast food, you’re on a fast track to diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.  Palmitic acid is a toxic saturated fat that kills insulin-secreting beta cells in the pancreas, which leads to type  2 diabetes, and it also switches off the signalling mechanism in your body that tells you when you’re full, so you gain weight and become obese.

Many people already have extremely high levels of palmitic acid in their blood. Up to 20% or more of the fatty acids in your blood may be bad for you.

Measuring the good and the bad

According to a sample report pulled off the website of “Omega Quant“, a company that offers a red blood cell fatty acid profile test, the palmitic to palmitoleic acid ratio is over 100 to 1.  This could very well represent the average American — due to our unhealthy diet which is high in saturated fats (“bad fats”), and low in monounsaturated fats (“good fats”).

Red Blood Fatty Acid Profile
The Bad to Good Ratio is over 100 to 1

 Source: “Omega Quant Red Blood Cell Fatty Acid Profile“.  In this sample, which could represent the Average American fatty acid profile, 21.1% of the fatty acids are palmitic acids–and just .2% are palmitoleic acids; the good outweighs the bad over 100 to 1.

It’s no wonder one-third of the people in the United States are obese. The triad of metabolic syndrome which includes insulin resistance, obesity, and cardiovascular disease is a ticking time bomb.

Omega 7 Palmitoleic Acid is like a Jedi Knight

If Palmitic Acid is the Evil Empire, then Palmitoleic Acid Omega 7  is the Jedi Knight fighting against the forces of evil. And we just need to remember that good is much stronger than bad, and goodness always trumps bad.

Palmitic Acid is Darth Vader. And Palmitoleic Acid Omega 7  is Luke Skywalker.

A strategy to defeat the evil empire

So how do you change the ratio?

1.) Avoid or moderate intake of foods that are high in saturated fats, and replace them with monounsaturated fats
2.) Get regular exercise
3.) Take the right nutritional supplements

Your turn…

Were you aware of this battle between good and evil in our own bodies? What do you do to make healthier food choices?



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