Cardia 7


Purified Omega 7 Softgels

Safe, effective, and 100% natural, each bottle contains 30 softgels — a one month supply.

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Product Description

Purified Omega 7 nutritional supplements offer targeted support for healthy cholesterol levels, triglycerides, and c-reactive protein (CRP) levels. They help reduce inflammation and promote overall healthy cardiovascular function.

Cardia 7 containing Provinal®, an ultra-purified palmitoleic acid, is an omega-7 monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA), and is palmitic acid-free.  Daily dosage is 420 mg/day (210 mg palmitoleic acid).


Stop The Silent Killer!


  1. James Kvasnok


    I really never cared what experts say ‘I tried them and they are great!! & here is my story.. I bought 2 boxes of these ‘MIRACLE PILLS” in December of last year.. I had a concerning check-up 12 months ago.. My weight was too high 6’2” @ 260 lbs, blood pressure was up, cholesterol level was up. My doctor said @ 60 years old it’s time to start getting these under control.. or he was going to prescribe something to help me. But 1st he recommended diet and excercise.. before any drugs!!!

    I took it one step further I lost 20 lbs did a little excercise but added to my daily routine “CARDIA 7″

    Well 4 months later my family doctor didn’t know what happened.. cholesterol levels where down, blood pressure was great.. weight was down.. he asked what I did… I told him the only real difference was ‘watching my diet and “CARDIA 7″..

    but wait there is more… I was having trouble seeing with my eye prescription, and I was concerned!! So I went to my EYE Doctor and my prescription improved considerably and went form 2.25 / 2.5 to an outstanding 1.25/1.00…

    He also wanted to know what I did to have such a vast improvement… losing the weight, he said wasn’t enough to change my eyes… I was at this prescription for over 10 years… I told him the only change I did in my life was to lose a little weight and take 2 ‘CARDIA 7″ pills..

    WOW what a great find…. I’m happy to share!! @ any age it’s great to share the great things happeniing to improve our lives. JMTK

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