Do you have Elevated CRP? Take the CRP Challenge!

In studies involving large numbers of patients, elevated CRP levels seem to be correlated with levels of heart disease risk. In fact, elevated CRP seems to predict cardiovascular risk at least as accurately as elevated cholesterol levels. Data from the Physicians Health Study, a clinical trial involving 18,000 apparently healthy doctors, found that elevated levels of CRP were associated with a threefold increase in the risk of heart attack.   

Purified Omega 7 helps cool the fire

Purified Omega 7 has been clinically shown to reduce C-reactive protein (CRP), which measures chronic inflammation — the best predictor of heart disease. As Luis Martinez, MD, a Board Certified Clinical Lipidologist who has been using Purified Omega 7 in his practice says: “We have seen significant reduction in CRP across the board–an average of 67% in one month. Purified Omega 7 has become a staple in my practice.”

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