Omega 7 Provinal: Dr. Roizen Discusses The Safety of Omega 7

Omega 7 Provinal Fatty Acids

We unwittingly consume enough bad in the modern diet

One of the “toxins” many people consume every day comes in the form of palmitic acid they ingest whenever they eat foods containing saturated fats (meats, cheeses, dairy).

Palmitic acid has been shown to increase insulin resistance, kill beta cells in the pancreas, and turn the switch off that tells you when you’re full.

On the other hand, palmitoleic acid has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity by suppressing inflammation…. as well as inhibit the destruction of beta cells caused by saturates.

You need more good, less bad…

So in order to reduce the amount of toxins in our body, everyone should: (1)  reduce intake of saturated fats in your diet, and (2) take a supplement rich in palmitoleic acid.

While there are current formulations of Omega 7 on the market they should not be confused with Cardia 7. The concentration of Palmitic Acid from sea buckthorn sources contains upwards of 40% of Palmitic Acid, which actually exceeds the concentration in those preparations of the “good fatty acid”, Palmitoleic Acid. The concentration of Palmitic Acid in Cardia 7 is currently limited to less than 1%.

Cardia 7 is the best source for Omega 7 Provinal is 45% Ultrapurified Omega 7 (palmitoleic acid), and we’ve taken great pains to remove the palmitic acid.

Hence “more of the good” and “less (or virtually none) of the bad”.

 Your turn…

Did you know about the negative side effects of Palmitic Acid? Have you taken Omega 7 in the past? Will this information prompt you to change your diet?

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